What is this? (FAQ)

What are you doing?

Starting a business, in public, as an opportunity to learn and try something fun.


Just going for a walk.

Practically, what will this look like?

I’ll document and share ideas, decisions, and outcomes. This will include business-y stuff like marketing plans. It will also include technical documents like architecture diagrams and justification for tech decisions.

What type of ideas do you want to explore?

  • Is inherent simplicity valid?
  • How are distributed system design and organization design similar?
  • Can we design better tech by using God as a design pattern?
  • Is VC harmful, or at least suboptimal?
  • Can marketing and advertising be systematized?

Will you release code?

Unlikely, at least not to start with. The code is the least interesting part of what I’m doing. Open sourcing it adds work I don’t want to deal with.