Mafia Offer

Hypothesis: By building software that takes a principled stance on effective project management, specifically Critical Chain, I can better address the uncertainty that makes project management difficult.

  • Value
    • Deliver projects on time
    • Spend less time in synchronization meetings
    • Stop forcing technical debt because of time pressure
    • Minimize stress around creating estimates
    • Make it easier to track relevant communication
    • Minimize the effects of unreliable estimates
  • Cost (What the customer has to change)
    • Protect the critical chain
    • Monitor buffers rather than tasks

“Deliver projects on time, on budget, and on scope, with less team stress, by simply tracking critical tasks and monitoring buffers.”

Less stress, less tracking, better results.

Small change, big effect.

Seems like a Mafia Offer to me. Can I deliver the offer and effectively communicate it to potential customers? TBD.