Goals of Project Management

The goal of project management is to maximize the flow of on-time, on-budget, and on-scope projects through the system. Assumptions: To successfully deliver projects, the project manager must: Maximize resources (don’t waste) Resources are wasted by: Respond appropriately to the unexpected Necessary/beneficial for appropriate responses: FYI I’m moving towards these posts to be closer to […]


Why Are Projects Late?

Projects are regularly over budget, behind schedule, and deliver less than originally promised. Why? A normal, obvious answer is that projects are inherently unpredictable. There are always unexpected hiccups and problems that require more time/resources. This is a reasonable response, except for one thing: We know this going into a project, so don’t we take […]

Business Software Engineering

Progress Report: Scheduling Algorithm

I’m working on the algorithm for automatically generating and updating project schedules according to Critical Chain principles. Using a set of random, dependent tasks (represented by an identifier and estimated time), I can create a full schedule that identifies the critical chain, adds the necessary buffers, and sets the start dates for tasks. Special considerations […]